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Interested in LGBT life in Jyväskylä?

You might have noticed that almost all of the information in is in Finnish, but don’t worry, here we have info also in English! We don’t have everything in English but we’ve tried to include all the most important bits below, including how to contact us, what groups we run, where our parties are etc. Hope you find it useful!

You might have also noticed that Jyväskylä isn’t exactly San Francisco or Brighton, but by Finnish standards it’s still a pretty good place to be LGBT-wise. SETA Jyväskylä is the town’s largest – and only – support and social group for LGBT people, or anyone connected with sexual or gender minorities. It’s affiliated to the national SETA organisation based in Helsinki. (


Our address is Matarankatu 6, in a building called ”Kansalaistoiminnankeskus Matara” (2nd floor, room 217). There’s coffee and tea and good company in the office of SETA Jyväskylä every Thursday from 5.30pm to 7pm. Everybody’s welcome to come and chat about anything! If you have problems finding there and you have a mobile/cell phone with you, call the office directly on
0440-654756 and ask for instructions.
Please note that during holidays and such we might no be open, we’ll post info about that on our front page.

Peer groups

We run groups for minors/youngsters, students, BiPan+folk and for trans-people. The groups meet every two weeks or so. For more information about the groups you can contact us at jklsetainfo[ät]

Pinko – group for students, young people and such
BiPan+ – group for bi, pan etc.


There’s a help line every Wednesday from 7 – 9 PM on number 045-638 9540.

E-mail friends

If you’d like to have an e-mail friend who supports, helps and guides you, please send mail to our e-mail address: . Subject: ”Male” / ”Female” / ”Other”. Note that we’re not trained psychologists and it’s not a dating service!


More info

Jyväskylän Seta ry,
Matarankatu 6, (2nd floor, Room 217),
40100 Jyväskylä, Finland